Doronwell - Providing Cleaner Solutions

Some of the problems we've solved

  • Case 1; A company producing omega3 fatty acids had been
    cleaning with a 30% NAOH "boil-up" process which was very
    time-consuming, not fully effective, unsafe for operators and
    incapable of validation. By converting to aqueous detergents,
    cleaning down-time was greatly reduced, valuable production time
    increased and a validated process achieved, all in a safe environment.
  • Case 2; A company making products with high T1DO2 content was unable
    to remove the light film that this substance leaves on surfaces when cleaned with a CIP system and some manual intervention was still required. By adopting one of the Chematic products designed to remove titanium dioxide residues with CIP systems, a much higher degree of automation in the cleaning process has been achieved, with more robust validation and a reduction in human intervention.
  • Case 3; A pharmaceutical multi-national wished to reduce their cleaning frequency in a machine subject to heavy residues of polymer coatings. By converting to one of the Chematic range designed to remove Eudragit coatings, cleaning time was reduced and valuable production time gained.