Professional Ecological Detergents

The DNW-Eco range of professional detergents offer powerful
cleaning action for a wide range of applications including food,
pharmaceutical and cosmetic production lines.

Our products are formulated with plant-based surfactants,
contain no chlorine, phosphates or synthetic solvents and are
suitable for use in Ecocert accredited facilities.

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Ecover DNW Eco-Gold

DNW ECO-GOLD® is an ecological, highly alkaline cleaner and powerful degreaser for cleaning heavily soiled appliances and machinery in the food and cosmetic industries. DNW ECO-GOLD® is suitable for removing fats. It can also be used for manual floor cleaning. It is low foaming and does not contain any perfumes or colouring agents.


Ecover DNW Eco-Gold

DNW ECO-PURE® is an ecological, neutral, all purpose cleaner suitable for cleaning appliances and machinery in the food, cosmetic and other industries. DNW ECO-PURE® is suitable for removing grease and oils. It contains patented eco-surfactants; is fully renewable and made through a natural fermentation process. DNW ECO-PURE® is extremely effective even when used diluted with cold water. DNW ECO-PURE® is suitable for use within ECOCERT accredited facilities. Passed BS EN 1276:1997 at 5% v/v at 11 ± 1°C.


Ecover DNW Eco-Gold

DNW ECO-PRIME® is an ecological highly acidic cleaner and limescale remover for professional use. Use this product for periodic, thorough removal of limescale deposits and general cleaning of appliances and machinery in the food and cosmetic industries. DNW ECO-PRIME® does not contain any inorganic acids.

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